3 Reasons for Switching to Organic Food

Organic Foods

Organic food has attracted a lot of public interest in recent years.

As of today, more than 70% of Americans go organic at least occasionally. It even led to Amazon buying out Whole Foods, easily the best-known health food grocery store in the United States.

Of course, Herbalybelieves that the organic way is the right way. Our herbal garden is and will always be free of gluten, GMO, pesticides, and other potentially harmful practices and substances.

But, what is organic food exactly? Why are we of the opinion that everyone should switch over? Perhaps more importantly, what makes Herbaly tea stand out?

#1 – It’s Immeasurably Healthier

All Herbaly products are formulated with the user’s physical and mental well-being in mind. It goes without saying that the use of organic ingredients is among the top priorities.

We’re not just looking for the most beneficial plants but the healthiest sources of those herbs and plants.

Grown and processed without any synthetic additives, you’re not going to run into traces of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and such in Herbaly tea.

Even if the FDA declared a certain herbicide to be safe, it only means that scientists haven’t discovered anything to the contrary. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay that way, as shown by all the class-action lawsuits surrounding the insanely popular herbicide Roundup, once considered safe but not so much anymore.

Additionally, organic food may have nearly 20% higher content of antioxidants and other nutritive compounds. That’s according to a major six-year study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

We’ve often talked about the importance of antioxidants in this blog. Among the benefits is the upkeep of healthy cells.

For this reason and more, Herbaly teas are packed with antioxidants!

#2 – It Benefits the Environment

Some may think otherwise, but people and the world are inseparable. We believe that you should always treat the environment the way you treat yourself.

And those who refuse to put anything toxic into their bodies are very likely to agree with the principles of organic farming.

Pesticides, heavy metals, and other products of farming aren’t just going to stay in the topsoil, or even the deep soil. They travel further and further into the ground over time, culminating in the pollution of groundwater. This would prevent plant growth and aggravate erosion, besides the possibility of ending up in tap water.

According to the Environmental Working Group(EWG), that’s precisely what happened with the tap in some American cities.

In addition, organic food requires about half the energy consumption when accounting for the life cycle from farming to production.

At Herbaly, we are green all the way. Our ingredients are all organic, but that’s a given. We also go to great lengths to protect the environment.

Our packaging, for example, is made of SOILON UL, a fully biodegradable corn-based material. You’re doing your part every time you purchase an eco-friendly Herbaly product.

#3 – It Tastes Better

Organic food hands down tastes better. Apart from organic grains, fruits, and vegetables, organic herbs also taste better and are healthier than the non-organic varieties.

For one, a 2014 study asserted that organic food has higher organoleptic quality in terms of enhanced flavor and fragrance.

The difference between organic and non-organic herbal teas are highly noticeable. With the former, you should experience a distinctive sensation in your mouth as you taste it.

Natural and non-polluted soil allows herbs to grow and preserve all of the original properties, including the aroma, the smell, and the content of healthy compounds.

Try Organic and You May Never Go Back

For the uninitiated, there’s always a shadow of a doubt. You know all about the attractions of organic food, but you’re just not all that sure if it’s really that much better. If it’s worth the premium over regular food products.

Think about it this way. Can you really put a price on your wellness?

If you’re still uncertain, why not just try to adopt the organic culture a little at a time? In this regard, any of the Herbaly Wellness Blends of tea would be a great start, not the least because of the health benefits to be had.

You’ll be doing not just your body and mind but also the environment a favor. See for yourself what attracts so many to the ever-growing Herbalycommunity.