Best Natural Supplements for Diabetics


Great care and attention go into each day for a diabetic. Not only being careful about what you eat but taking your medication and testing your blood sugar regularly. 

While science has brought about great innovations in medication, there can still be a struggle to deal with symptoms of high blood sugar. 

Some supplements seem to rise above the rest. 

Read below for our list of top supplements for Diabetics.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

An ingredient used by traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine called Tulsi (or Holy Basil) has unique properties that lower blood sugar.

This herb, native to the Indian subcontinent, is commonly used to treat anxiety and stress.

A professor from the University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine faculty has said that around 1000mg a day of holy basil could be enough to lower blood sugar. 


Much more than a flavor, this supplement improves insulin sensitivity in patients -meaning a faster response time some nutritionists have claimed. 

Chinese medicine has been using it for hundreds of years and in a 2011 study it was shown that it helped lower fasting blood sugar. More research is needed, but this is a promising supplement for diabetes control.


An essential trace element, you probably remember this name from high school science class and the periodic table of elements. 

Research shows that low doses are safe for most people, but there is a risk that it could make your blood sugar too low.

Vitamin B-1

Also known as thiamine, many people are deficient in this vitamin. This may contribute to complications down the line that includes blood vessel damage and heart disease. 

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