Busting the 7 Most Common Insulin Myths

Most Common Insulin Myths

For now, there is no cure for diabetes. Insulin is the most effective way to manage it. However, many people don’t understand the effects of insulin, and this may cause diabetics to avoid taking it. In this article, we’ll investigate and bust the 7 most common myths about insulin.

1. It Simply Doesn’t Work

If you’re new to taking insulin, some might tell you that it simply doesn’t work. This is a myth and generally comes from people who don’t take insulin as prescribed. The fact is that insulin is the most efficient way to regulate blood sugar levels and keep diabetes under control.

2. My Life Will Completely Change

Many patients who have recently been prescribed insulin shots start thinking that their entire routine will turn upside-down now that they have to take this medication. They might believe that they won’t be able to travel, work, or live an independent life.

None of this is true. With careful planning, you’ll be able to keep doing all the things you love. Taking insulin will put you in a better position to manage your diabetes and it will help you lead a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

3. It Makes You Fat

Some diabetes patients who dodge their regular insulin doses do so because they believe that insulin causes them to gain weight. The truth is that patients who take insulin are slightly more prone to gaining weight. So the myth is half-true, but what you eat makes all the difference.

To stave off the extra pounds, you should consult your doctor and nutritionist and come up with a healthy and sustainable diet.

4. Injections Hurt a Lot

Diabetes patients new to insulin shots might be reluctant to start the therapy because they believe insulin shots are immensely painful. That is another common insulin myth.

The truth is that the insulin shots hurt very little and it’s nothing like the sting you feel when getting a vaccine or a gluteus shot. Many patients even find insulin shots less painful than the finger sticks used to check blood sugar levels.

5. It Means You Failed

Some patients believe that the fact that they need to take insulin shots means they failed to manage their diabetes properly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that diabetes is a progressive disease and your pancreas will eventually start struggling to produce enough insulin to tame your blood sugar levels.

6. It Can Kill You

There are people who avoid insulin because they believe it might cause serious complications and even death. But the fact is that insulin can help prevent serious diabetes complications from happening.

7. It Can Harm the Baby

Some pregnant women suffering from diabetes fear that insulin might have a negative impact on the unborn child. However, this is another myth. Only minimal amounts of insulin ever reach the placenta and they’re insufficient to harm the baby.

On the other hand, there’s a real chance that a constantly high blood sugar level will have a negative effect on your child. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop taking insulin during pregnancy, though you should discuss the matter with your doctors.

The Main Point

Insulin is the best way to manage diabetes, despite the countless myths that surround it. While not complete, this list of common myths and explanations has hopefully helped you gain a better perspective on insulin.



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