Health Advice for Your Younger Self

Advice to Younger Self

We learn as we age. And by the time we reach a certain point in life, we might just wish that we could turn it back and do things differently.

Unfortunately, that’s not a physical possibility. You may not want to spend countless hours daydreaming but you should know that it’s unavoidable either.

There’s a reason that you’re where you are now, filled with the knowledge picked up along the way.

We at Herbaly would love to know what advice you’d give to your younger self.

On the other hand, it may interest you to learn the advice that our visitors have. You may find that people aren’t so different, after all.

“When your body sounds the alarm – it’s already too late.” – Anna R.

Most young people don’t pay much attention to what they eat because the body works hard to balance it out. They’re still growing and their metabolism works impeccably. At that age, you think you’re invincible. Not to mention that you’re more physically active.

However, as you age you’re going to notice that it isn’t easy to balance certain things out. But we usually neglect the initial signs. It’s when things get serious that we suddenly pay attention.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be much harder to do something about it then. Anna says:

I never paid much attention to what I eat. Of course, I ate a vegetable or fruit here and there, but that’s not interesting when you’re younger. I liked processed foods like deli meat, cheese, butter, and such.”

Today, she has heart problems that are difficult to manage. For that reason, Anna would advise her younger self to pay more attention to nutrition.

I’d like to tell little Anna to eat more whole foods: beans, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. I would tell her to enjoy food that’s organic and in a near-natural state.”

According to Anna, workout and physical activity are also important aspects of a healthy body.

If I had done cardiovascular exercises in the past, I might have prevented my condition from complicating. I just wasn’t physically active. If I could talk to my younger self, I’d tell her to start working out right away. Unfortunately, I don’t think she would listen!”

“Tune into your thoughts.” – Gregor O.

The modern world is ever-changing. As soon as you think you’ve adapted, it shifts and you have to start over. Of course, that will impact the way your mind works, too.

Most people spend the majority of the day online absorbing loads of information. We’re working with a shorter attention span with news feeds cycling non-stop in front of us. It seems as if people don’t have time to stop and think through things anymore.

Of course, this causes a lot of stress and can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and worse. For Gregor:

Sometimes it feels like our thoughts are like cars on a highway. They are passing by rapidly before you can even see what they are.

When I was younger, I had a bunch of things on my mind. But they were just appearing and going away… They were lurking around and I never took time to spot them and tune into them.”

Over time, Gregor developed mental disorders, which he now manages through healthy habits and wellness. However, he has a message for his younger self:

You can only challenge your harmful thoughts if you manage to notice them. Don’t let them strike you out of nowhere. Capture them and think about them. Maybe they aren’t that harmful after all…”

“Work on your habits.” – Melanie E.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Therefore, if you cultivate healthy habits, you’re far more likely to have a fulfilling and lasting life.

As you know, Herbalybelieves in developing healthy habits. These activities will define your day, year, and life. Melanie agrees:

When I was younger, I slacked off a lot. I came up with countless excuses and never did anything on time. I tried to work out, but I gave up pretty easily. Over time I found out that I’m losing touch with my mind and body.”

If she could speak to her younger self, she’d immediately get her to work on these habits:

It’s never too late, but it’s easier to work on healthy habits when you’re younger. You give yourself enough space to experiment with different activities and try out a bunch of new stuff to see what suits you best.”

However, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with obligations. You can dedicate a part of your morning routine to healthy activities and the rest of the day will be better for it.

For example, you can start off your morning with a cup of Herbaly Wellness Collection tea, just like Melanie does. It’s organic and loaded with healthy properties. It has a calming effect and helps you switch to a meditative state.

Finally, a cup of enjoyable herbal tea is easy to prepare and almost as easy to develop as a habit.

But what about you, our dear visitor?

Do you share the advice of those above, or would you like to add something of your own?