How Herbal Tea Keeps Us Healthy

Herbal Tea Health Benefits

Tea is a favorite beverage of many. Most simply enjoy the variety of taste and the calming effects on the nerves.

However, some blends of tea are much more than a fragrant and relaxing drink. Numerous scientific studies have proved that particular types of tea can benefit one’s wellness in various ways.

For herbal teas, the ingredients may include the flowers, leaves, and roots of a wide range of plants known for being healthy. Each would often contribute traits of its own.

Furthermore, scientists have shown that habitual herbal tea drinkers often have a better immune system and thus are more likely to stay healthy.

Here are why you may want to consider making herbal tea part of your daily routine.

#1 – Antioxidant Properties

Regular metabolic processes in the body and exposure to some external sources (air pollutants, smoking, etc.) produce free radicals. These are unstable oxidative chemicals that seek other molecules in the body to bond with, creating what’s known as oxidative stress.

Studies have found that this is harmful to the cells and has the potential to cause a variety of problems. For instance, free radicals could cause heart problems and abnormal growths.

By virtue of the ingredients, most herbal teas contain antioxidants that serve to neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body. This in turn can protect the cells and contribute to your well-being.

To begin with, both black and green tea leaves contain lots of polyphenols, which are known antioxidants. This and the other ingredients make it such that a cup of Herbaly tea can supply your body’s requirement of antioxidants for the day.

#2 – May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Elevated blood sugar levels can lead to a slew of health conditions.

As you probably know, the body’s cells by default use sugar for energy and any excess is stored as fat. All of that is regulated by insulin, a hormone excreted in the pancreas.

Normally, a person should be fine no matter how many carbs and sugars are eaten. But if there’s anything wrong with the body regarding insulin – insensitivity or not enough of it – you’re going to end up with high blood sugar.

Toward this end, research has shown that tea can increase the activity of insulin in the body. This has the benefit of keeping your blood sugar at healthy levels and prevent the ill effects of protracted blood sugar imbalances.

#3 – Enhanced Focused

A lot of people drink coffee for focus or energy. But did you know that herbal tea can provide the same?

In particular, teas that contain L-theanine, which is an amino acid known for improving focus and mental sharpness. Studies showed that herbal teas that contain L-theanine had a pronounced impact on one’s concentration.

Additionally, tea also contains significantly less caffeine than coffee. It’s not going to make you heady or set your heart racing like drinking too much coffee, for one.

Combinations of herbs could help with stress besides. For instance, several blends of Herbalytea contain ingredients that calm the nerves.

#4 – Healthy Blood Pressure

Over 1 billion people all over the world have unhealthy blood pressure. If left untreated, it can lead to a range of complications.

According to studies, there’s a link between the daily use of herbal tea and healthy blood pressure. One study found that participants who regularly drank black tea had healthier diastolic and systolic blood pressures.

#5 – Healthy Gut and Metabolism

Trillions of bacteria live in the human gut, believed to weigh as much as 2kg in adults. Many of these bacteria are beneficial and the key is to have a good balance.

This can determine if a person stays healthy or otherwise.

That’s another benefit that herbal tea can deliver. Studies show that the right blend of herbs could promote the production and growth of the good bacteria while preventing the appearance of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella.

A healthy gut leads to a healthy immune system. And you can find out a lot about an herbal tea by looking at the ingredients.

One look at Herbaly tea and you can’t help but notice the carefully selected organic ingredients. Turmeric root, stevia, and lavender petals are only a sample of the ingredients that work together to keep you healthy, fresh, and energetic.

Would you like to find out what it can do for you? Have a look at the Herbaly Wellness blends of tea and you’re certain to find one that’s just right for you.