How to Prepare Coriander Water for Diabetes


While it isn’t everyone’s favorite herb, Coriander is one of the world’s oldest spices. It packs a distinct flavor and comes with many health benefits as well.

Coriander seeds and leaves are loaded with many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Studies have shown that the coriander plant can regular cholesterol and stimulate appetite while improving digestion.

There may be a reason to incorporate coriander seeds into your diet if you are diabetic.

Coriander has been one a trusted traditional remedy for managing diabetes. According to one study published by The British Journal of Nutrition, it was found that the extracts from coriander seeds have compounds that caused an anti-hyperglycaemic effect in the blood.

Multiple studies on animals have shown this to be true. Coriander seeds can help manage diabetes naturally by stimulating the secretion of insulin.

Insulin is the hormone made by the pancreas that allows the body to use sugar and when insulin is impaired your body can have a hard time telling how much sugar needs to be metabolized and this leads to blood sugar spikes.

Drinking coriander water could be a great solution to test for natural blood sugar management.

How to prepare coriander water for diabetes

  1. Take 10 grams of crushed coriander seeds
  2. Add the seeds into 2 liters of water
  3. Let the seeds soak overnight
  4. Use a strainer to remove the seeds.
  5. Drink early in the morning or continue sipping on the drink during the day.

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