Kate’s Story: An Expert’s Take on Herbaly Tea

Doctor Approved Herbal Tea

Herbaly was founded with one thing in mind. We knew that nature has an answer to all. It’s only a matter of tapping into it.

The team since assembled at Herbaly has an in-depth knowledge of herbalism. We’ve been studying plants and botany for a long time in search of the most potent ingredients nature has to offer.

We proceeded to select the ones that would work best together, and the result is our collection of herbal teas.

You could say that our faith and hard work have been repaid with satisfied repeat customers and glowing reviews. But that’s not to say that we’re the sort who rest on our laurels. We’re always working on improving and adding to our offering.

Today, however, we’re going to share what registered dietitian Kathryn Bubeck thinks of Herbaly tea.

“Delicious and Functional”

Kate has consulted plenty of patients in her career. It’s just that many of them didn’t take good care of their chronic condition, at least before they came to Kate.

Even today I had a gentleman come into the hospital and said, ‘You know what, I know I shouldn’t but I drink 10 cans of Sun Drop a day.’”

Kate was aware that it’d be counter-productive for her to act like the food police. There would always be those who rebelled and it’s not like she could physically prevent them from eating whatever they’re not supposed to be eating anyway.

That’s why she went with a different solution:

I wanted to find better alternatives that would keep them healthy.”

That’s where the Herbaly Wellness Blends of tea come in handy.

Each blend is sugar-free and tastes distinctly pleasant and satisfactory. On top of that, it’s going to quench your cravings for all the sugary stuff.

Kate readily admits that she was skeptical (the general feeling one comes across when something is a bit too good to be true) when she first heard about Herbaly tea. But she tried some and came away impressed:

I tried my first cup and it had a really nice aroma – I liked that.”

She wasn’t too crazy about some of the ingredients though.

I was a bit wary as ginger and turmeric tend to be a bit much in a lot of teas. They’re a little bit spicy and overpowering. I’ve had some not-so-great experiences in the past.

“But this tea tasted great! It wasn’t too spicy and it had a really refreshing taste. It wasn’t only delicious but also functional. As a dietitian, I love that.”

Healthy Sans the Side Effects

Herbaly tea can improve your well-being in a number of ways. Chief of all is its ability to promote healthy blood sugar, courtesy of the herbal ingredients.

That’s something that Kate can whole-heartedly agree:

“It’s health and great-tasting. Healthy sugar levels are only one of the benefits.”

When it comes down to it, Kate is even more impressed with what the taste is capable of:

“If you have a sweet tooth, it can give you a bit of that sweet, spicy taste that you’re looking for. You could just reach for a cup of tea instead of a snack,” she says.

For Kate, the absence of any harmful side effects pretty much sealed the deal.

“There’s no side effect at all. Certain types of tea, coffee, and other drinks bother me and I don’t feel so well. This one doesn’t do that at all.

“It also has less caffeine so it won’t mess you up or give you the jitters.”

Expert Recommendation

Kate believes that Herbaly tea checks all the boxes as far as tea is concerned.

She especially highlights the accessibility. It’s suitable for near any lifestyle, belief, or medical history.

“It’s sugar-free, it’s vegan, it’s organic, and it caters to any lifestyle,” says Kate.

In the end, she says that Herbalytea is definitely something you should try. In the pink of health or otherwise, a cup of Herbalytea a day is enough to improve your health and relax your mind in the long run.

“I avoid telling people don’t eat bread or don’t eat potatoes! It’s more my style to say what can we add to your diet, you know?” she said and added:

“I would definitely recommend this to all my clients.”