Reaching Hundred: How to Become a Centurion

How to Live to 100 Years Old

Believe it or not, society is still full of stereotypes with regard to age.

For instance, there are still people who think that 50 or 60 years old is getting old. You may think that it’s time to slow down and you may consider yourself less suitable for certain activities.

There’s an unsettling feeling that the clock is ticking away… Is this the beginning of the end?

Of course not.

Nowadays, people are living longer thanks to modern science and comfort. The average life expectancy in America is 80 years for men and 85 for women. Furthermore, a recent study predicted that this number would go up to 90 and 95 in 2050.

At Herbaly, we believe that it’s possible to surpass the latter numbers for those who are willing to take a holistic approach to life. In fact, it may not require more than tweaking your daily habits and the use of natural remedies.

Stay Disciplined

The more conscientious you are, the higher the chances that you’ll live longer. This means that you need to stay organized, efficient, and have clear goals in life.

A study published in 2008 showed that disciplined people lived longer on average than the less organized. The same study found that discipline is linked to better heart rates and lower risks of diabetes.

Of course, one of the reasons may be that conscientious people take better care of their health. They develop healthy routines, exercise more, and lead more stress-free lives.

Staying organized can indeed be a toughie. That’s why you need to start with more minor activities and fill up your schedule from there. Try to bring order into your life and you’ll notice that your mind and body will follow.

Cultivate Your Social Life

Humans are social creatures and it’s a necessity for most to nurture their friendship circles.

Of course, there’s a difference between a toxic and a healthy social relationship. Some studies show that relationships that are based on mutual support, trust, and positive emotion can increase one’s lifespan.

Such a social circle can have a positive impact on a range of vital functions. It can boost one’s immunity and lower the risks of chronic diseases.

On the other hand, unhealthy and toxic relationships lead to stress, anxiety, and similar negative emotions. These can all lead to undesirable medical conditions.

Some studies show that having three strong relationships is enough to lower the risk of premature death by 200%.

Of course, it’s not enough to ask for support. Another study showed that the body reacts even better when people help each other. That’s the philosophy of the Herbaly community, by the way.

Be Active

At Herbaly, we believe that regular physical activity is essential to good health. That’s why we urge all community members to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to exercise.

That’s no coincidence too. If you’re able to spend 15 minutes daily on exercise and physical activity, you may add 3 additional years to your lifespan!

Furthermore, 150 minutes of exercise a week may be all that’s needed to keep the body healthy and for longer. It doesn’t have to be anything intensive either. A brisk walk or indoor cycling would do the trick.

For more recommendations, you’ll want to join the Herbaly Facebook group. Find out more about vacuuming and other housework that serve as viable types of exercise.

Drink Herbal Tea

Most herbal teas have a set of benefits.

For example, green tea contains polyphenols that are known to lower the risk of a range of health conditions.

Moreover, drinking a cup of herbal tea a day can reduce stress by a good measure. Depending on the ingredients, herbal teas can serve multiple purposes too.

That’s why you’ll find a range of Herbaly teas, grouped under Wellness and Herbal Blends. At the core, however, they serve the common purpose of keeping the body in balance.

As a special focus, the Wellness Collection contains organic herbs and superfoods aimed at improving your quality of life. You’ll get in this blend of herbal tea all of the antioxidants and nutrients needed to boost your immune system and health.

On top of that, you’re going to find that the taste is not too shabby either.