The Fascinating Powers of Herbs and Nature

image of a tea field with sun

Stretching back to ancient times, people have recognized nature as a source of health and vitality. The practice and study of herbalism dates back to ancient Greece, where the first books on nature’s healing power were written more than 2,500 years ago.

But it wasn’t until the 90s that herbs came into people’s everyday lives, notwithstanding the herbs for cooking. Research studies brought to our attention that herbs can help with a plethora of health conditions and contribute to a healthier and, as a result, a longer life.

Once considered alternative medicine, herbalism is fast becoming a big part of physical and mental wellbeing for many.

Might you be wondering, why?

For an answer, here are why more and more people are adding herbs to their everyday routine.

Healing Benefits of Herbs

Herbs have many advantages. Chief of all is the fact that they target overall health rather than any localized problems. Herbs are nature’s way of helping the human body to work as intended. They promote natural healing and balance to the benefits of your body.

And as promised, there are other reasons for the rising popularity of herbs.

Affordability and Accessibility

Herbal supplements in the form of teas and oils are generally available in abundance. This means that you can rely on them in the long run and save money while you’re at it.

Lower Chances of Adverse Effects

Herbs rarely comes with side effects. For example, Herbaly teas are formulated specifically to minimize the risk of side effects while allowing you to reap the many benefits of healthy herbs. This involves extensive research and a commitment to use only premium-quality sources.

Effectiveness for Health Conditions

Herbal supplements can be a great help at keeping chronic conditions under control. Over the long haul, herbs can be very beneficial to your body.

That’s precisely why a good number of people include herbs as part of their everyday health routine. You can benefit greatly over time from the many healing properties.

5 Herbs That Have Outstanding Healing Properties

There’s a wide array of beneficial herbs capable of boosting strength and vitality. Let’s check out some of the most potent available.


Ginger is a staple ingredient in herbalism. Health and nutrition experts have long praised ginger for its many beneficial properties. Throughout history, it’s been used in the treatment of various conditions from colds and nausea to hypertension and migraines.

Ginger is also amazing at regulating blood sugar. A study involving diabetes patients showed that 2g of ginger powder daily could lower blood sugar levels by 12%. Another thing that ginger is very good at is the regulation of cholesterol levels. According to a study, taking 3g of ginger over 45 days resulted in a significant decrease in cholesterol, triglyceride, and other cholesterol markers.


Among the benefits on offer, fennel is best-known for its outstanding antioxidant properties. And if there’s one thing that our bodies need in bountiful, it’s antioxidants.

Oxidation can wreak havoc on a lot of things at the molecular level. For example, some metals corrode or rust in the presence of oxygen or water.

We’re not saying that oxidation causes rusting in the human body, but on a molecular level, it can affect the DNA and cellular structures. Inflammation is the immediate impact, with a host of diseases in the long term.

Oxidative stress occurs in the body when the balance of free radicals and antioxidants tip in favor of the former. It’s antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, preferably before they get a chance to do a number on the body.

And in this regard, fennel is loaded with potent antioxidant compounds, including chlorogenic and rosmarinic acids, apigenin, and quercetin. These are potent anti-inflammatory agents that can lower your risks of obesity, heart disease, neurological diseases, and more. Organic fennel seeds are included in Herbaly’s Wellness Collection for all of the above. Alone or in combination with the other ingredients in the tea, fennel seeds can do wonder for your body’s antioxidative mechanism.


For thousands of years, Indian medicine has considered turmeric one of the most powerful plants in nature. We now understand that this is mostly due to curcumin, the primary active ingredient in turmeric.

In addition to the potent antioxidant properties, curcumin is linked to better brain function. For one, it increases the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which helps to promote the growth of new neurons, the health of existing neurons, and their connections.

Other than improved brain function, higher levels of BNDF are linked to lower risks of depression and Alzheimer’s.

If that’s not impressive enough, turmeric is one of the few plants that have been proven to aid in the prevention and even the treatment of cancer. Multiple studies have confirmed that curcumin affects cancer growth, spread, and development at a molecular level.

With that in mind, many Herbaly teas contain organic turmeric root as an ingredient. This is an opportunity for you to nourish your body with some of the healthiest compounds known to humankind.


Also known as holy basil, this staple of Ayurvedic medicine is an acknowledged adaptogen, lauded for its ability to help your body adapt to stress and for being an excellent source of energy.

It’s not surprising then that tulsi is widely used as an anxiety aid. A study showed that the use of a tulsi supplement twice a day for 60 days resulted in a significant decrease in overall anxiety levels.

But the benefits of tulsi carry on beyond improved mental health and calmness. A study on mice showed that supplementing with clove and tulsi protected the lungs from bacteria that cause pneumonia. What’s more, a comprehensive review of 24 studies showed that tulsi has potent therapeutic effects on cardiovascular issues, metabolic disorders, neurocognition, and immunity. All of that came without any significant side effects noted.


Stevia is nature’s way of satisfying people’s sweet tooth in a delightful and benign fashion.

Among others, one study showed that stevia had no effect on insulin response or blood sugar levels. This is especially important for diabetics and prediabetics. Of course, it also benefits those who want to lose weight without saying goodbye to sweets.

Furthermore, stevia can be a natural treatment for hypertension. A study revealed that stevia intake could potentially lower blood pressure through its cardiotonic actions.

In place of sugar, some of Herbaly’s teas include stevia to make sure that you can enjoy your cup to the fullest. Take away the many health benefits for a moment and you’ll find that it’s stevia that gives Herbaly tea the taste cherished by many.

Health and Vitality

Within nature lies a compendium of fascinating secrets. The uncovering of them has led to more people adding healthy herbs to their everyday life.

If you’d like to become one of them, Herbaly’s Wellness Collection herbal tea is an excellent start. Some of nature’s most powerful weapons are included to support a life of health and productivity.