What Advice Would You Give Your 25-Year-Old Self?

mother and daughter having a hug at sunset with beautiful colors after exercising

Nobody receives an instruction manual for life (or at least they didn’t tell anyone if they did). This has a way of making our life journey fun, save that it also sometimes results in regrets.

It’s safe to say that most people have wished for a time machine at least once in their life. And if you had one and could travel back to meet your 25-year-old self, what advice would you give the youngster? We’ve collected some inspiring stories of people who had powerful messages for their younger selves. Let’s have a look!

“Have more faith and take it one step at a time.” – Alicia K

We live in a time when instant gratification rules supreme. And Alicia wasn’t immune to it. The 37-year-old entrepreneur says that one of the biggest mistakes she made in life was due to her trying to rush everything.

While she was never obese, Alicia wasn’t comfortable with her body. She tried all sorts of diets, exercise regimens, and other means of losing weight. Unfortunately, Alicia never stuck with any of them long enough to get the intended results. After a couple of weeks of negligible to no results, Alicia would get discouraged and quit.

It wasn’t until Alicia was in her early 30s that she understood that all good things take time. Alicia realized that achieving her body goals was a matter of habit and perseverance. Instead of starving for days or doing vigorous exercise, Alicia started taking smaller steps and she incorporated whatever worked into her daily habits. Fast forward four months and she finally achieved her body goals. Better yet, those healthy habits became an integral part of her everyday life, which continues onto today.

Many Herbaly tea users have been through a similar journey as Alicia. Our products inspired them to make a habit of staying healthy and they’re now enjoying the many associated benefits. This only proves Alicia’s opinion that taking it slow and building lasting habits is the key to achieving anything.

“Don’t treat your body like a dumpster.” – Connor S

Back in his 20s, Connor didn’t care all that much about what he put in his body. He admits that he was one of those people who take health for granted. This was especially true when in college.

Young and full of life, Connor felt invincible. He’d moved away from home to live on campus, so he didn’t have as much access to healthy foods as before. Like many college students, he developed a taste for fast food, sweets, and sugary drinks. That’s in addition to Connor’s unleashing of the inner party animal from time to time.

In his senior year, the lifestyle took a heavy toll on his wellbeing. It was common then for Connor to wake up exhausted and feeling sluggish all day. His exercise performance dropped so much that he eventually gave up exercising altogether. Add to that the stress of his first job out of college and Connor was feeling awful on a daily basis.

One day, Connor finally confronted the issues that his lifestyle had created. He’s quick to admit that deep down, he always knew that it’s the fault of his poor eating habits. And with that, he vowed to put in their place much healthier choices.

At 34 today, Connor feels better than he did through most of his 20s. When asked about the message that he’d give to his 25-year-old self, Connor replied:

“Don’t treat your body like a dumpster or it’s going to rob you of the joys of life. Good health doesn’t just happen but has to be created.”

This is the mindset of many Herbaly users who understand the importance of fueling the body with what it needs to work at its best. Many of them agree that Herbaly is among the healthiest choices ever, and an unavoidable part of their everyday health routine.

“Nature is the answer.” – Jenna M

For the longest time, Jenna considered herself a “naturally sickish person.”

It led to her claiming “I don’t think a cold or flu season went without me getting at least a bit sick.” When someone in her family caught a cold, it would go away in a few days. But not Jenna, who was always sick for a couple of weeks and with more severe symptoms.

Nobody could blame Jenna for believing that it was her default state to get sick a few times a year. At the same time, Jenna was trying whatever remedies she could get her hands on that were supposed to improve her immune system and overall health.

She tried vitamins and countless other supplements. It’s just that none of them quite gave her the results that she was hoping for. Whatever effects that she noticed weren’t anything close to permanent or sustainable.

It wasn’t until Jenna’s friend suggested a blend of herbal teas that Jenna’s life turned around. Jenna figured it was worth a shot, right – she’d tried near everything else.

After failing to notice any significant changes in the first few days, Jenna thought that the tea was another thing she’d have to consign to the trashcan of history. But Jenna’s friend encouraged her to continue for the upcoming weeks. She did and it turned out to be a pretty good decision.

“It wasn’t this cure-all that magically gave me good health. After some time, I noticed that I wasn’t getting nearly as sick as I used to and that’s a great thing,” she says.

Impressed by the effects, Jenna went on to explore other natural ways of boosting her health. She now wishes that she had begun earlier in life.

For many of our customers, Herbaly was the discovery that turned them on to the power of nature. Much like Jenna, many Herbaly users wish that they had started drinking it earlier based on the many benefits they’re now experiencing.

It’s Never Too Late

Having read these stories, can you recognize yourself in some? Or, maybe you have other advice for your younger self?

Even if you can’t turn back time, you can still take that advice now, if you haven’t already. It’s never too late to start working on yourself and live the life that you want.

It all starts with good health.

And if you’re ready to work on your physical and mental wellbeing, our Wellness Collection can be an ideal starting point. It can fuel your body with everything that it needs to be stronger, cleaner, and healthier.